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Hercules HD658 Loader, hd658, front end loader, loader, tractor, farm machinery sales, construction equipment


Operating Weight


Rated Load Capacity

Caterpillar Nominated Engine

162kw / 218hp

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• Overall Weight (Base Machine): 17,084kg

• LxWxH: 8,143*2,963*3,457

• Rated Bucket Capacity: m3- 2.6-4

• Rated Load: 5000kg 

• A/C: YES

• Wheelbase: 3,300

• Engine Brand: Caterpillar Nominated Engine

• Rated power- 162kW

• Transmission Type: Countershaft, Powershift, EH Control

• Rated Speed- 2,200


Powered Productivity

The technologically advanced load-sensing hydraulic systems ensure all blade movements are sharp, consistent and precise.

Undeniable Reliability

The draw features and A-Frame design- made for strength in every single blade position.

Supreme Comfort

Featuring a world-class control layout, with minimal lever efforts, operate fatigue will decrease significantly.

Advanced Cooling System Suitable for the Aussie Climate

• Standard 43-degree cool package suits the mass majority.

• Alternative 50-degree high ambient cooling package optional for those particularly hot parts of the Aussie regions.

• Also offering a high-debris cooling packing, suitable for those operating amongst a dust-heavy environment.

More about Hercules & the HD658 Loader


• Knowing at what state your machine is running has never been easier, with Hydraulic and Brake system pressure test points.

• Easy accessibility. Featuring a large, central, easy-to-open side door hood.

• Service is simple. The torque converter is isolated from the transmission, easier to access, easier to service.


• Streamlined machine operation, with full hydraulic priority steering and joystick.

• Enjoy low fuel consumption and boosted efficiency, with single pump flow shared implement the hydraulic system.

• Move faster, with implemented short cycle times.



• Access to your engine made easy, due to convenient placement of the key parts and refill points!

• Save fuel, without compromising power

• Feel secure with a forged-steel camshaft and optimised cylinder liners. Quality you can rely on.

100% Spare Parts Support Guarantee.

Need a part? No problem. Give us a call, and we can ship it to you same day anywhere in Australia. We have a full dedicated spare parts & service division.


Options available to approved applicants.



Available Australia-Wide!

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