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Hercules Grader HG140 Series. grader. farm machinery, construction equipment, farm equipment, farm tractor, tractor for sale


Operating Weight


Engine Power

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• Overall Weight (Base Machine): 16,070kg

• LxWxH: 8.703 x 2.630 x 3.360mm

• Blade Length (LxWxH) 3.660 x 25 x 607mm

• Max. Lifting Height: 475mm

• Max. Depth of Cut: 715mm

• Max. Drawbar: 78kN

• Wheelbase: 6.140mm

• Min. Turning Radius: 7.8m

• Engine Brand: CAT Nominated Engine

• Rated power: 140kW/190HP

• Travel Speed (Forward/Rear): 40/25km/h

• Rear Axle/Tandem ST22

• 12 Month / 2000 hour Factory Warranty


Cab mounted on the front frame provides an exceptional view to the blade and the front axle even during articulation.
High-visibility dashboard with a complete alarm monitoring system
Large cab with 1.9m height and 30% larger space than most competitors, provides exceptional comfort.

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